How to Exfoliate the Right Way

I found a wonderful article via Pinterest on how to exfoliate the right way. The article is about learning how to exfoliate the body step-by-step. I found this article to be very informational and helpful to all of us using sugar scrubs and other exfoliants as a part of our shower routine. One very important thing to remember is to NEVER exfoliate the body every single day. The skin can become dry and irritated. I made this mistake one time in the past and my skin was very dry and became more sensitive. Another very important step in the exfoliation process is to make sure that you moisturize right after you step out of the shower! I hope that you find the the below article helpful.

How To Exfoliate Skin – To Get Smooth and Silky Skin

Keep in mind that all of my sugar scrubs are natural and have no added chemicals or preservatives. This makes the scrub less likely to irritate the skin and/or cause an allergic reaction. Pumpkin Pie sugar scrub has the following ingredients: Clove, cinnamon, pumpkin pie spice, coconut oil, sugar and vanilla extract.

Take care of yourself on this Monday! Get an extra cup of coffee to wake up from the weekend 😉